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Have a question about how SimpleVoiceBox works while you are dialed in?  Below are the are the features and instructions to get your started. If you have a question about a feature please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Listed below are detailed instructions on how to use your SimpleVoiceBox:

After you've signed up for a SimpleVoiceBox account the next step is to set up your outgoing greeting. First time setup and future account management may be accessed with administrative mode. Take note administrative mode is for the account holder only. Following are instructions for accessing administrative mode.

Administrative mode for Standard Free and Toll-Free Service:

Dial your VoiceBox number, when prompted enter your extension code followed by the * key, you will then be prompted for your password followed by the # key.

Administrative mode for Private Number Service:

Dial your VoiceBox number, once connected simply enter the * key and you will be prompted for your password followed by the # key.

After you have accessed the administrative mode you will be guided with voice prompts to help you set up or manage your outgoing greeting.

Once your VoiceBox is set up you may have your callers call in anytime to listen to your greeting and leave you messages. Following are instructions for your callers.

Standard Free and Toll-Free Service:

Have your callers dial your VoiceBox number and when prompted enter the extension code followed by the # key.

Private Number Service:

Have your callers simply dial your VoiceBox number, no extension code is required for this option, your callers will be connected to your greeting automatically.

Below you will find featured keys for managing your VoiceBox:

Record your name.
Manage your custom greeting.
Change your password.
Change your voicebox type
Listen to your messages.

Save your name.
Listen to your name.
Discard and re-record your name.

Change your greeting.
Delete your greeting.
Return to the main menu.
* After you have finished recording, press the # (pound) key and then 1 to save

Playback only.
Playback with recording.
Dial out.
Return to the main menu.

Get date and time of call.
Go to the main menu.
Go to previous message.
Play again.
Go to next message.
If a greeting or message is longer than 60 seconds, you may use the following controls:
Skip to the end of the greeting.
Reverse 30 seconds.
Skip forward 30 seconds.
Pause, press again to resume.

Email notification
Alerts of new messages sent to your email address.  Access your messages either by phone or by following the link from the email alert.

Web Administration
Click Login on the top of this page.  Once in your account you may view and edit account information, manage your messages and find appropriate link information for RSS and Podcast features.
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