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SimpleVoiceBox is a full featured voicemail system offered in three great options; free, toll-free and private number.  The Free option provides a toll number to dial into. Each caller pays for their respective long distance charges. After setup simply instruct prospective clients, customers, friends or family to dial into the VoiceBox, enter the extension code, listen to the outgoing greeting and leave a message. With the toll-free option of this service, the host picks up the telephone charges and the callers pay absolutely nothing. At just 6 cents per minute per person, it's an easy and cost effective way to communicate with important callers. Private Number option provides a personal number requiring no extension code at just $4.95 a month.

  • Phone Administration
    Manage and access outgoing greetings and incoming messages using your cell, home or office phone.
  • Online Management Tool
    A web interface for organizing, retrieving, storing, downloading and uploading of outgoing greetings, incoming messages and pre-recorded audio files.
  • Multiple Configurations
    Set outgoing greeting to have message taking feature or turn it off at any time.
  • Email Notifications
    Alerts of new messages and daily activity reports with caller ID sent via email.
This simple and direct service requires no contracts, commitments or hidden fees. Plus, our state-of-the-art, digital equipment delivers crystal clear voice quality and provides enhanced features for a turnkey, hassle-free voice mailbox system.  For more information refer to FAQs, Tips & Tricks and Instructions found on the top of this page.

  SimpleVoiceBox may be used for:
  • School / Sports Organization Updates
  • Training / Educational Seminars
  • New Product Information
  • Houses For Sale
  • Invitations / Directions To Parties
  • New Band / Musician Recordings
  • Motivational Or Religious Messages
  • Promotional Events
  • Great For People Moving In Transit
  • Political Campaigns
  • Customer Service Hotline
  • Ebay Provide More Information About Products
  • Myspace Usage And Retain Anonymity
  • Add Link With Anonymous Phone Number To Your Website
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